Campaign Management | Universal Media Solutions

Campaign Management

Our Campaign Management supports the handling of your online-campaigns.
It contains not only the integration of other Ad-Servers/Ad-Networks, but also the management of your publishers and advertisers, traffic validation and also the accounting.
The reports show all relevant traffic numbers as well as your costs and your profit.

Overview of Features

  • Any number of campaigns
  • CPM, CPC, CPA, Hybrid
  • Banner Upload
  • Includes tracking, combinable with our Cross-Channel-Tracking
  • Cappings per Campaign and/or per Publisher
  • 3rd-Party-Tracking (also Server-2-Server)
  • Lead Generation

Ad-Servers / Ad-Networks

  • Import data from popular Ad-Servers or Ad-Networks
  • Your AdServer is not on the list? Please contact us for an integration!

Comprehensive Reports

  • centralized reporting over all networks and data sources
  • collect data via tracking switch or import
  • extensive filter possibilities
  • create and save your individual filters
  • import of data from other networks and data sources
  • view the heatmap of newsletter-creatives*
  • two group levels
  • group by
    • day / week / month / hour*
    • campaign
    • website / publisher
    • advertising medium
    • data source
    • network
    • channel
    • keyword
  • export feature (Excel, CSV, API)
  • reports received automatically by email
  • export in PDF-Format, customizable to your CI


  • Payments for publishers
  • Invoices to advertisers
  • Payments/invoices with your own logo
  • Exportable data
  • Based on the validation tool

Validation Tool

  • For the complete campaign or user-defined periods
  • Variable advertiser- and publisher-payout
  • Discounts (percentate and/or fixed value)
  • Overview across costs and profit

Optimize your publisher payouts

  • Request offers from your publishers
  • Automatically accept offers below a given price (optional)
  • Automatically create a counter offer (optional)


  • Automated Pre-Check of submitted Emails
  • Choose any of the folling checks
    • Are the tracking-links correct?
    • Are the links redirecting to the right landingpage?
    • Is HTTPS used end-to-end?
    • Is the counting-pixel correct?
    • Check the images for URL, filename or hash value
    • Further checks in the pipeline
  • Automated notification of the Publishers, if the email contains any pre-check errors
  • Forwarding for final approval to you (or to your client) only after successful pre-check
  • Current status visible at all times