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The Tracking Suite from Universal Media Solutions combines the knowledge, experience and vision of well-established performance professionals.

Henrik Blase, Andreas Warning and Dominique Madeleine are the visionaries behind 22-Visions GmbH.

Henrik Blase is the founder and managing director.

His vision: to introduce an independent, comprehensive and innovative online marketing tracking suite on the market in the form of Universal Media Solutions.

His reasoning: until now, the market has offered a variety of different solutions, each of which is limited to one discipline of online marketing. Integrating the marketing channels and including a mixture of disciplines increases the complexity, and with it the demands on an up-to-date tracking suite. The market is ready for a complete solution – Universal Media Solutions covers all these requirements.

His background: Henrik Blase joins his technical know-how with many years of experience and extensive market expertise. For many years he dealt with the technical design of tracking solutions in line with market conditions for Germany’s largest affiliate network, “affilinet” and was responsible for development and implementation.

As a consultant to the top 10 publishers and advertisers, Henrik Blase is a well-known specialist for technical questions, customized developments and concepts. As the technical contact partner for cooperations, he knows the requirements of market partners and the particularities of online marketing from diverse joint projects.

In developing solutions, Henrik Blase pairs competency with creativity: it is no coincidence that Universal Media Solutions offers a flexible tracking suite, which is at once both customer-friendly and in line with market conditions. Thus, 22-Visions GmbH not only meets all the requirements of today’s market, but is also best equipped to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.


Andreas Warning ensures a hassle-free process flow of back-end operations and optimum data security at 22-Visions GmbH.

His vision: to provide the technical backbone for Universal Media Solutions (UMS), which also fulfills the customer requirements of tomorrow and to secure the innovative advantage of the company.

His reasoning: a total solution such as Universal Media Solutions (UMS) with its data structure and selection of tools already sets the course to master the complex requirements on programming and data management. The product is ideally suited to the market when it meets the requirements of both newcomers and market leaders equally. In order to achieve this, the system must be scalable.

His background: Andreas Warning has been at home in the development of software and databases since the beginning of his career. With many years of experience and fresh curiosity he has concerned himself with the design, optimization, programming and administration of modern, powerful databases. Always on the pulse of the times, he brings the optimum performance from the systems and thus meets the various requirements, which are placed on an innovative tracking suite.

For Universal Media Solutions, Andreas Warning relies on the high-performance combination of innovative strength and many years of experience in online business, and finally many years with “affilinet”. The products of the UMS suite profit from this with an inexhaustible range of functions and clear, comprehensible operation.

Dominique Madeleine takes care of innovation and internationalization.

His vision: to provide Universal Media Solutions (UMS) with innovative features, and also have an eye for the international market.

His reasoning: a solution such as Universal Media Solutions (UMS) may meet customer requirements today, but we shouldn't rest on our laurels. We always want to offer our customers new possibilities.

His background: Dominique Madeleine is considered one of the pioneers of online marketing in europe.

As a former researcher, he realized his first vision in 1999: the founding and development of affilinet made him, together with his friend and business partner Douglas Miller, a pioneer in affiliate marketing in the german-speaking area. This new form of marketing soon proved to be an essential digital sales- and marketing channel.

Affected by his continuous search for innovation and quality, Dominique Madeleine advanced and optimized the affiliate market leader until 2005. Since then, he researched new possibilities and new forms of marketing (i.e. domain, search enging and social media marketing) and the use of web analytics for success measurement.

In almost two decades of experience, he gathered substantial knowlegde in all aspects of online marketing.

Henrik Blase, Andreas Warning and Dominique Madeleine are supported by a team of specialists, which together with them implements the vision of an innovative online marketing tracking suite.